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    The online sales academy provides toolkits so you can quickly implement what you learn providing a faster, more valuable return for you and a real-world application for your enhanced skills

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A simple powerful approach!

A low cost and easy to use learning portal to give you the edge over other sales people

Loads of Content

Access over 130 training videos with more content added regularly

Personal Tutor

Users have access to their own personal sales coach and tutor

Achieve more

A range of fun activities and the chance to win awards as you progress through the system makes it easy to see your performance improve (and be better than your colleagues!)

Personal Tutor?

Thats right! Every user will be assigned a personal, professional sales coach as their tutor

You can use them however you wish. Ask questions about the course you are taking, about the toolkit you are using or the deal you are working on

The more you use your tutor the better they can help you so ask away whenever you choose!

Numerous Advantages

The Virtual Coach platform provides numerous advantages such as:

  • Easy access 24/7
  • Train without leaving the office so you can keep selling
  • Log in whenever you have the time, giving you a flexible approach to training
  • Implement what you learn and get the most from your training
  • Full support from you tutor
  • Be the first of your friends and colleagues to gain all of the achievements
  • Don't blow your training budget
  • Learn the skills you need when you need them

Screen Shots

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Target Assurance

Account Planner



Course overview

A course page


Over 130 videos

Learn from over 130 sales training videos at your fingertips whenever you need them

12 courses and growing

12 fully prepared courses and exercises from the basic to the advanced. We are always adding new content!

Personal Tutor

Make full use of your personal tutor when ever you need them. The more you ask the more we can help you.

Target Assurance Planning tool

Use Sales Target Assurance Planning to assure your target. No more slipping forecast with this worldwide proven technique

Negotiation Tool

Harness the full power of the Jellyfish. Build a negotiation plan and measure proposals against it to ensure strong negotiations result in retained value

Account Development Toolkit

Follow our Transformational Account Development Planning methodology, take the course and use the tools to maximise your account relationships for you and your customer

Opportunity Qualification

Learn how to properly qualify an opportunity and use our toolkit to build the strongest value proposition


Achievement badges make moving through the system fun and rewarding. Can you get them all?


Add any number of users to your account




  • Access to all Free Courses
  • Access to all Premium Courses
  • Achievements
  • Points and Rewards
  • Access to Toolkits and Implementation
  • Tutor Support (Limited to one request)


£80.00 / year (+vat)

  • Access to all Free Courses
  • Access to all Premium Courses
  • Achievements
  • Points and Rewards
  • Access to Toolkits and Implementation
  • Tutor Support - Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I downgrade back to a free account?

Yes. At any time just click the Cancel Subscription button from your account management page

Your account will simply revert back to a free account without losing your data. You can upgrade again at any time.

How do I get a Premium Account

First thing to do is to register a free account

When you are ready just click the upgrade button and enter your details

Can I add more users to my account ?

Yes. When you have a premium account you can add as many users as you wish

Just invite them from your account management page and when they join they will be added to your bill. This way you only pay for users who are actually using the system.

Is this compatible with the previous Virtual Coach portal ?

No. The previous Virtual Coach portal is not compatible with the new one

If you would like to include your old data in this portal please get in touch

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